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One important thing that stands out about twickerz is their admin. Every time I sent a support ticket or posted an issue on the forum it was answered or addressed quite quickly. That tells me a lot about a site and the people that run it. When they are quick to respond it shows me that they are serious about the site.

I fully trust Twickerz and 100% believe it will be around forever.

Here is a brief intro video to Twickerz

More informative videos

Extending my referrals

My $200 Cashout     

Cashout received      


  1. 'Sorry IP is already used by other member'it wont let me use twickers i never use this site i dont understand

  2. How can you earn money on twickers? It pays horribly for free members and You have to click on more than 50 adds to get a plain $0.02...

  3. Its all about the rented referrals Cesar. The referrals they rent to you are "filtered" which means they only rent you referrals that are "active". They won't rent refs unless they are active clickers. Sure I have upgraded my account to level two for just $20 (for 1 year) but I have already made my investment back and now I will rent more to earn even more.
    Free members will earn as well with rented referrals just not as quick as upgraded members. Rent some refs Cesar and see what happens. You will see your main balance will increase without even clicking ads yourself. Bye for now : )

  4. I can not enter my account password says it is wrong, another asked for my email and still not give

    What about twickerz?

  5. Hi Rui,
    As you know, twickerz has updated their site and thigs are not 100% yet. I would send a support ticket and tell them the problem. I am having no problems myself


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